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Employee Policy

Evas Garment’s Human Resources are the company’s
core and foundation in attaining corporate competence.

Evas provides substantial support to its employees for the improvement of their life quality and personal value and operates training programs at each manufacturing facility to enhance productivity. Evas is also fortifying its competence through embedding a sense of belonging to each of its employee by respecting their diversity, fostering youthful talents and providing them with adequate rewards regardless of their race, nationality or gender.

Improving Employees’ Quality of Life

Evas endeavors to provide a comfortable working environment for its employees by supporting them to enjoy a healthy, affluent, and peaceful life. To enhance productivity and to motivate workers, Evas also implements welfare policies for its employees. Moreover, to prepare against accidents, Evas not only operates a medical office at each of its worksite, but also holds an emergency contact network for the local medical facilities, ambulance services, public offices, and the police. Evas also operates an eco-friendly cooling system for workers at humid and hot regions to provide the best working condition.

Food Program

BFC/ILO selected several businesses to provide light breakfast for workers as a pilot program. Having been aware of the importance of providing its employees with the proper nutrition, Evas took part in this program as a vendor company.

Food Program Subjects and Methodology

Participating as a pilot vendor for the ILO/BFC’s Food Program, Evas has successfully completed the program in two of its overseas facilities. Thereafter, Evas has been continuously provided morning breads and fresh water to its workers in order to make sure of the basic nutritional needs for its employees.

Talent Development Program

Global human resource development is the foundation of Evas’s competence as it strives to rise as a global leading company. As such, Evas runs human resource education programs to strengthen employee’s capabilities. Given the nature of the industry with a greater number of female employees, Evas has actively invested in programs tailored for women’s capability development and social status enhancement. Evas will continue to invest in human resource development programs to improve employees’ work efficiency and productivity.

The P.A.C.E.(Personal Advancement & Career Enhancement) Program

The PACE program is a training program tailored for female employees, as women represent approximately 80% of the global workforce in the clothing industry. However, most of them come from less-developed socio-economic backgrounds. Thus P.A.C.E. works to encourage women to enhance their quality of living.
Thus P.A.C.E helps to encourage women to improve their quality of living, and ultimately assists them to discover their potentials so that they could change their own lives as well as their communities. Every week, 10 teams consisting of 26 female employees attend for a total of 75.5 hours of class. The topics cover financial management, health, psychology, dialogue skills, and other disciplines. They also learn about resolution of conflicts at workplaces, women’s status at home, women’s role in the society, and many other customized topics to enhance women’s quality of life.

Training program contents

Under the provision of Evas, P.A.C.E. started as a pilot program in Vietnam back in 2017. The program initially consisted of 3 modules, but has expanded to 7 by including topics, such as dialogue, time management, finance and law in 2018. Evas focuses on encouraging its female employees to have a stronger sense of identity and demonstrate leadership within their community. The program was formed so that the independent modules connect organically to provide efficient training.

Training program effects

According to the P.A.C.E. satisfaction survey results, a majority of participants experienced positive changes both at work and outside of the work. The survey results revealed that the program was most effective in improving the confidence of female employees upon engaging in conversations with line leaders, colleagues, or family members. In addition, the participants noted that they were able to cope with problems in a more rational manner.

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