Workshop Dress and Dress on request

Dress and dress workshop on request in Hanoi

With many years in manufacturing and processing  export fashion , outstanding dress and dress workshop . The beautiful, youthful, luxurious dresses, especially kept from the Vietnamese body, are really rootless.
Vnxk Garment Factory  has continuously improved its skills, automates machines, processes, and auxiliary stages such as printing, embroidery …

Currently, the export fashion goods business is an inevitable trend because of the value that it brings, such as beauty in seam quality to diversified designs, in addition, it also satisfies the wishes of the people. .

I. Dress and dress factory:

  • Designer dress and dress  shop (customer’s pictures or designs).
  • Street dress factory.
  • Office dress sewing factory, dress vnxk.
  • Party dresser factory.
  • Dressmaking workshop Personal brand, shop.
Some other items the company accepts:




  1. Polo shirt, T-shirt, T-shirt
  2. Sports shirt, fitness, yoga
  3. Shirt
  4. Sweater, Blazer, Vest
  5. Tailor-made, designed
  1. Slim dress
  2. Dress skirt
  3. Dress spread
  4. Vintage dress
  5. Tailoring according to customers’ requirements and designs
  1. Trousers
  2. Short
  3. Leggin pants, tregging
  4. Fleece pants
  5. Sport shorts
  6. Sewing according to the customer’s design

II. Commitment of the company:

  1. Quality of goods is good for export (not accepted as market goods).
  2. Timely delivery.
  3. From the right design.
  4. New and clean fabric materials.
  5. Price is always best.

III. Process, how to work with the company:

  1. Customers Send your samples or requests to Evas or call  098 279 0082 
  2. Make real samples to send customers
  3. Contract negotiation and factory visit.
  4. Proceed as a test sample.
  5. Single latch, quality, quantity and for production.
  6. Product inspection and shipping.
  7. Contract payments.

All defective products are accepted and processed by the factory.


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Wholesale address:

Factory 1’s Address:

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We welcome customer feedback with great gratitude and gratitude!

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