Research & Business Development (R&D)

Research & Business Development

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    Realization of creating Value

    Evas  has successfully established the integrated R&BD hub system by enhancing existing functions and capabilities of its R&D activities. Based on the integrated system, Evas could effectively utilize superb design teams in JapanR&BD Creative Center and Vietnamese production facilities.

    Business: Vietnam garment

    1. Supply Chain.
    2. Research & Business Development (R&D)
    3. Quality Assurance (QA)
    4. Development Center (DC)
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    Research & Analysis
    • Evas analyzes the latest fashion trends by conducting market research and by participating in a variety of fashion and fabric exhibits in US, Europe, Korea, and China every season.
    • Evas develops tailor-made designs per needs of major buyers and global brands.
    • Evas collaborates with buyers on researching and developing brand concepts and offer customized design services through Co-Creation.
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    Japan R&BD Development Center
    • Evas’s Iapan R&BD Development Center conducts research on the buyers’ latest fashion trends and regularly delivers the research report, named Evas’s “Market Intelligence Report” to Headquarter.
    • Japan Development Center ensures the products’ aesthetics and quality via face-to-face communication with the buyers on a daily basis.
    • Japan Development Center offers the buyers the most up-to-date market reports in the meeting, which encompass the information from a wide array of exhibits and outcomes of research on the US and European fashion trends.
    • Development Center pursues maximizing clients’ satisfactions through collaboration with Headquarter’s R&BD department, sales team, and production team.
    • Market Intelligence Report: Evas publishes and provides customized Market Intelligence Reports in each buyer meeting.
    • European Trend Overview: Evas semi-annually publishes European Trend Overview (Spring/Summer and Fall/Holiday).
    • Style Analysis Report: Evas publishes 4 to 6 Style Analysis Reports for each brand every quarter.